Aluminium collapsible tubes, Aluminium collapsible tubes in India, Aluminium collapsible tubes manufacturers India

Aluminium collapsible tubes, Aluminium collapsible tubes in India, Aluminium collapsible tubes manufacturers India
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Aluminium collapsible tubes

Aluminum Collapsible Tubes

Plastic tubes are manufactured, printed and capped in-line. Special decoration such as silk screen printing, foil blocking, and labelling are secondary processes .Learn More...

In addition to a full array of tubular fabrication, Tube Fab/Roman Engineering also offers custom tube cutting for customers who intend to fabricate themselves. We have over seventy cutting machines available allowing us to provide burr free "snap" and "rotary" cutting. We can save our customers the cost of expensive cut off machines and provide their requirements ready for their in-house fabrication. We offer a full line of custom chamfers and end treatments, such as knurling, grooving, serrations', bullet nose tubes, etc.

Closed Nozzle, Long Nozzle, Internally Lacquered Tubes

In order to ensure the quality and exact specifications of our products, we source raw materials, coatings, inks and lacquer from renowned suppliers from India and abroad, taking into consideration, the product requirement and the type of printing and finishing required. In order to distinguish the products to be filled into the tubes, we manufacture them in different
varieties like closed nozzle, long nozzle, internally lacquered tubes and tubes with latex lining. Before tubes are extruded from the pure aluminium slugs, the slugs are rumbled with zinc stearate. They are put for trimming where they cut to required length, threaded and annealing at 410°C, which makes them softened and easily collapsible. Then, they are lacquered by food grade epoxy lacquer and cured, which prevents the tube from corrosion or reaction with contents of the tube. The lacquered tubes are then coated with coating materials of the desired colour, and dried at 150°C and then, printed by four-colour offset printing machines as per the design, art provided by the clients.

We have built up a complete support infrastructure comprising of a fully equipped tool room that ensures precision toolings and immediate response to break-downs as also dedicated injection-moulding facility. The processing area has an efficient air handling system to keep it dust free and deliver clean tubes manufactured under hygienic conditions.
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