Collapsible tubes for adhesives, Collapsible tubes for adhesives in India, Collapsible tubes for adhesives manufacturers India

Collapsible tubes for adhesives, Collapsible tubes for adhesives in India, Collapsible tubes for adhesives manufacturers India
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Collapsible tubes for adhesives

Perfect containers currently packages over 24 million tubes per month, probably the largest in India which includes adhesive brands too.

From standard to custom aluminum tubes made to your exact specifications, we are your tube resource. Aluminum tubes are ideal for adhesives, sealants, caulks, paints, silicones and much more. For all your home improvement, household and industrial products we have durable tubes available in a variety of sizes and capacities that will provide a structure with maximum strength against hard-to-hold products

Cyno adhesive tubes with proven product compatibility

We deal in tubes for packing pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, toothpastes, tubes with proven cynoacrylate compatibilty, paints, adhesives and other applications. Our tubes are lacquered,latexed and waxed for added barrier properties. The sizes include: 10 mm dia (1gm) to 40 mm dia (up to 250 gm) tubes.

List of products that can use our Tubes

- Creams
- Ointments
- Gels for eyes, skin, etc…

Adhesives and rubber solutions:
- Adhesives & super glues
- Cyano-acrylates
- Rubber solutions
- Lubricants

Toiletries and cosmetics:
- Toothpaste
- Shaving cream
- Cold cream
- Washing cream
- Shampoos
- Herbal cosmetics

Paints and Inks:
- Duplication inks
- Colour paints

Advantages of Alminium collapsible tubes

- Tamper proof
- Elegant
- Protective
- Non-toxic and hygienic
- Lightweight
- Complete collapsibility
- Economical
Quality is a critical element of every tube we sell.
Our manufacturing plant ensures both on-line and finished product quality checks.
So whether it be for the Pharmaceutical, Adhesive, Veterinary, Art or Cosmetics industry, Perfect Containers has a quality aluminium tube to enhance your packaging and sell your product. Learn More...

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