Laminated Tubes Capacity

Fully Automatic Production Machines

  • Production lines from Packsys Global, Switzerland
  • 10 million tubes per month capacity

In house Printing

  • 6 colours plus over-varnish (glossy or matt)
  • CMYK Capability
  • Computer-to-plate printing blocks

On line automatic shoulder making and compression


Foil Stamping


Caps / Tube Shoulder / Top Seal


  • Conical, stand-up and flip-top caps are available in variety of sizes
  • Made from polypropylene (other materials also possible)
  • Designs can be developed as required

Tube Shoulder and Nozzle

  • Manufactured using a fully automatic compression moulding process (no reliance on external sources for pre-moulded shoulders)
  • Made from food grade HDPE which complies with:
    • FDA:CFR Title 21 (177.1520, Olefin Polymers).
    • IS:10146 (safe for use in contact with foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals and drinking water).

Top Seal

  • All tubes can have a tamper-evident top seal on the nozzle
  • Extensive R&D done in suitable laminate and material selection for stability

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