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Perfect Containers Group – Makers of Aluminium Collapsible Tubes & Laminated Tubes

  • Large Capacity
    Aluminium Collapsible Tubes : 550 million tubes annual capacity
    Laminate Tubes : 120 million tubes annual capacity
  • Sites located at Palghar and Silvassa, India
    (within 3 hours distance from Mumbai)
  • Head office including Customer Service at Mumbai
  • Founded in 1982
    Tubes are the only business focus of the group
    Family owned and managed, now in its second generation
  • Technical and Quality Management team with over 20 years experience in aluminium and laminate tube industry.
  • Dedicated Customer Service team
  • Certification: DMF, ISO


Aman Karwa

Engineering (University of Wisconsin, USA); MBA (Kellogg School, USA)

Sameer Karwa

Engineering (University of Virginia, USA)

Ram Karwa


About us

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